Anne Magdalene   

Author, Psychic Medium, Spiritual Counselor and Advisor

Upcoming Events

Anne Magdalene travels around the United States offering talks, workshops, and seminars based on her book "Tools for Spiritual Healing."  She also provides in person readings and healings while traveling to various areas.  If you are interested in having Anne Magdalene speak at your event, you may contact her through this site to check her availability and when she will be in your area.  

Anne's desire is to share healing techniques and inspiration to others so they may live their most prosperous life. 

Join Anne Magdalene as she walks participants through a variety of spiritual healing techniques, offering insight and guidance with Spirit, explaining how these techniques can assist one in working through the spiritual wounds we have brought with us to this lifetime, and the wounds we have created in this current lifetime.  Anne will work with the group on specific areas in their lives, with which they are seeking change, whether it is relationships, career, life’s purpose, or physical health.

If you are ready to walk into the future you have always dreamed of, then this is the workshop for you!

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