Anne Magdalene   

Author, Psychic Medium, Spiritual Counselor and Advisor

Anne Magdalene is a gifted psychic, medium, energy worker, and social worker.  Anne Magdalene has been working with enlightened beings in the form of angels, ascended masters, spirit guides, and deceased souls for most of her life.  It was not until the birth of her daughter Camille in 1992, that Anne Magdalene began to work more consciously and deliberately with these beings.  In 2003, Anne Magdalene began her career as a spiritual advisor, using her psychic abilities to access clients’ deeply buried wounds and obstacles that interfered with them reaching their highest level of spiritual evolution.  Anne has successfully woven her skills and experience as a licensed social worker with her intuitive skills and abilities to assist others in their spiritual transformations and in reaching their own personal levels of enlightenment. 

Anne is a certified Theta Healing ® Practitioner offering in depth healing through the Theta Healing model.  Through Theta Healing, a person is able to remove persistent, negative thought patterns; past life wounds and trauma; and blocks and obstacles that are getting in the way of moving forward on one's path, because it is through the theta brain waves that this healing occurs.  Theta Healing clears all this and more from four levels of a person's consciousness and subconsciousness, those levels being the Core level, Genetic level, History level, and Soul level, making way for a healthier, more balanced human experience.  Theta Healing is a powerful and profound tool for achieving healing in all areas of your life.   

Anne Magdalene’s approach is direct, yet loving, compassionate, patient, and understanding; she offers clients the support they need to walk out of their past, and into their future with ease.       

Anne Magdalene has a unique ability to connect with virtually every person she meets and believes this is because she is meeting the soul of every person she encounters.  She uses her soul to connect with other souls, and because of this approach, Anne Magdalene is extremely effective at making people comfortable and inspired to tackle the obstacles that are blocking them from walking their paths effortlessly.  All of Anne Magdalene's work can be done remotely via email, telephone, or Skype.  Depending on where you are located, Anne Magdalene is also available to work with you in person.

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