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As a new year has begun, so have our wishes and desires for a year ahead of new things, different things, and better things. We all know about those New Year Resolutions, most of which we just can’t seem to keep, all the while hoping that circumstances, events, and situations change or improve. But as we look at change and making the most of a new year, we must first look at what it is that we wish to change. Simply saying “Gee, I hope this year is better than the last one” is not enough. We must look toward what we desire to change and see what that change will look like, feel like, and taste like.

Your mind can convince you that you are unable, or unworthy of achieving what it is you desire, but we often times overlook the spiritual aspects that are greatly interfering with us moving forward on our true and destined paths. If there are spiritual components involved, which there always are, you must first identify those. Once you have done that, then, and only then, can you begin to strategize your next move.

As humans, we all carry fear, doubt, lack of worthiness, lack of faith, lack of self- love and acceptance. We all carry these to one degree or another, and all, or any of these can derail us from the best of intentions. Part of your job while in a human existence, is to rid yourself of these, as best as you can so that you can experience the human existence from a more positive, self-loving, self-accepting, trusting state of mind. As the saying goes, “It’s all perspective” and this is more accurate than we know. If my perspective is that my desires are too outrageous, too impossible, or too greedy, then this will shape my belief that I cannot, or should not have my desires fulfilled. From a spiritual perspective, many of these limiting beliefs are held in our subconscious mind; therefore, we aren’t even aware that we hold them. But with spiritual healing, guidance from your guides and angels, and loved ones in spirit, you can begin to remove these false beliefs and unhealthy patterns, and replace them with ones that feed your soul and nurture your spirit, all of which will lead you to attaining what it is you are in search of.


If improved physical health is one of your goals, you must be able to see what steps are needed to make that change, then map out your strategy. We know that diet and exercise are key, but what about emotions and pain you may have around food. What if your physical body is bogged down with past life trauma and this is interfering with your ability to get moving?


If romance is one of those areas you would like to see improve, then you must look at what wounds you still carry from past relationships that are interfering with you acquiring the one love you seek.


What about career?….you have been in the same job for some time now, it pays the bills, it’s stable, there is security in it, but what if you are being called, or even pulled into a completely different field of work?


There is so much focus on the external….diet…exercise…finding another partner…changing jobs…but what if the changes you are seeking are really rooted in your spiritual being, rather than your physical being? What if you were able to get to the bottom of the cause of the excess weight you have been carrying around? Or dissect the real reason you repeat the same dynamics in your romantic relationships, one after another? Or you sat with yourself long enough to recognize there is a job out there that is stable and secure, that will pay your bills AND feed your soul? Whatever you desire is within reach. There is nothing that you cannot have, achieve, or acquire, but you must first identify the obstacles that are standing in the way of these wishes. You must also be open to receiving into your life what you are seeking.


Too many times we see people receiving exactly what they have been asking for, and yet, they are so focused on their conjured up idea of “it” that they miss the pieces of it that are already in their hands. If it is love you seek, look around you. You are surrounded by people who love and care about you. If it is romantic love you seek, you must be open to receiving that and being rid of all the fear you have been carrying in relation to romance, and heal the wounds from past romantic relationships so that the one, true, Divine love you seek can come to you.

If you are being called to change careers, then you must have faith and trust that with effort and an open heart, the job that is meant for you will come to you in Divine time, and will be what you have been called to do.


Whatever change you want in this new year, be ready to accept it into your life, and be prepared for it to look a bit differently than you have envisioned it. We always get what we need, in the form that is best for us, so focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want, and open your heart to all the goodness that awaits you.


This year, may your desires be fulfilled, and may you be ready to have all that you truly deserve in all areas of your life.


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