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We were all born with a natural ability to connect with realms that are not seen to the naked eye, but as we age, and we are more tapped into the physical world that surrounds us, and we tend to be less aware of the non-physical world. Children are very sensitive when they are young and are much more tuned into the “other side.”

Before I consciously worked on developing my intuition, my daughter had brought to the forefront of my mind how easily it is for children to connect with spirits. When she was less than 3 years old, she was regularly communicating with three young souls who had been appearing to her. As an only child, I thought she was simply entertaining herself with “imaginary friends” but that was not the case. After further discussion with her, I realized she was actually communicating with deceased souls with whom she had some sort of energetic connection, such as age, and interests. I will admit, initially, I was uncomfortable with this, but eventually accepted that she was a channel for these souls to communicate with the physical world.

So how do you assist your child in developing their intuitive skills? First, have open, honest dialogue with them about the non-physical world. Remove the mystery and fear around it so they can better understand it, and feel comfortable discussing it. A wonderful way to begin is when they are young, is to encourage them to call on deceased loved ones in times of struggle, such as a deceased grandparent. One particular approach I took was reading a book about angels to introduce the concept of Beings of Light for her to call upon in times of need, in part because there were no loved ones she had lost.

We talked openly, regularly, about what she was seeing, hearing, and experiencing so as to lessen the fear she may have been having. We worked together about saying specific prayers asking for assistance and protection, and how to identify something that was troubling to her. One of the major things was assisting her in shutting off her channel to these spirits so she could sleep at night (as this was a perfect time for them to come to her with information, often not even pertinent to her but to someone else in her life).

Another technique we used as she got older was watching unsolved crime mysteries on television. We would watch the first few minutes of a show, pause it, write down what Spirit was giving each of us, then begin watching again, while continuing to take notes, then at the end of the show, compare notes with each other, and see how close we were to the actual outcome. This was fun, and she greatly enjoyed seeing how gifted she was with channeling information from Spirit.

My daughter is clairvoyant (she can see things of the past, present, and future), clairsentient/empathic (she senses things about people such as illness, their emotions, and what they are currently experiencing in their life), and clairaudient (she can hear Spirits speaking). There are an enormous amount of empaths in the world right now, and they are having difficulties managing their abilities because of the intensity of their gifts. Empaths tend to experience what we would call anxiety, panic attacks, being “stressed out” and overly reactive. From my professional experience, these symptoms are not actually medical or psychiatric but spiritual and once the person realizes they are simply a conduit for Spirit to communicate through, and they develop skills to shut off their channel when relaxing or going to bed, they no longer experience these symptoms, or to the same degree. One of the major obstacles for empaths is knowing how to identify the energy they are feeling. More times than not, the person is actually feeling someone else’s energy and emotions. For instance, being in a large group of people can be overwhelming and can trigger these symptoms. The goal is to develop a regular practice of checking in with yourself to see if the anxiety you are feeling is actually yours or someone else. Meditation and quiet time can assist you/your child in learning to turn your channel on or off at will.

For my daughter, the most challenging part of developing her gift has been the “shutting off” of her channel, and managing her own energy so she is not as susceptible to feeling and experiencing other peoples energy. It is a process and takes some time but with diligence you will be able to manage it with ease.


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