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Karma vs. The Law of Attraction

Karma vs. The Law of Attraction


This week on my show, Soul Awakening, I discussed the parallels between Karma and The Law of Attraction.

Karma is a Sanskrit word meaning “action.” Each action we take, we are repaid ten-fold for that action, whether good or bad. Examples of taking action in life in positive ways is doing something kind for someone, being emotionally available to someone who is suffering, volunteering, donating your time, or some of your treasure. Karma is often viewed negatively, without understanding that Karma is a positive thing as well. It’s concept is “you reap what you sow.” But in Western culture, we view Karma as being a payback for all the negative someone has done, rarely looking at the other side of it, or even applying this concept to ourselves, but more so to others. In Western culture, Karma is also looked at more from a religious stance, in that, God is a punishing God; therefore, He will punish your evil deeds by causing some type of harm, anguish, illness, tragedy to you. In Eastern cultures, the concept of Karma is viewed more in terms of focusing on good deeds, and receiving good in return. In both cultures, it is understood that all actions have a cause and effect, so what you do to others, is done unto you.


In creating good Karma, it is about the intention behind your actions that counts. If you are looking to receive something in return for doing a good deed, or you are available to someone who is suffering because you are expecting they do something for you in return, then all the Universe understands is your intention. The Universe repays you and your action by meeting the same vibrational frequency that went into the action in the first place. If you do a good deed, without expectation of gaining something, and it is from a selfless place spiritually, that is the energy the Universe receives, and mirrors back to you.


In Western culture, The Law of Attraction is based on the Universe’s energetic receptors, rather than religious beliefs. The idea with the LOA is that whatever I put my attention, and focus on, I create more of that. These are classic rules for manifestation. If I am stressed and focusing on all the areas of worry in my life, then I will find more things to worry about and it brings in more things for me to worry about, but if I am focused on all the things in my life for which to be grateful, I will find that there is more in my life for which to be grateful. Yet, in many ways Karma and the LOA are really one and the same. With Karma, the action occurs, and the energy follows and with The Law of Attraction, the intention is set first, and the energy follows.


I know a woman in her 80s and each time she receives an increase in her Social Security, she increases her donations to the charities she has supported for years. She lives a modest life, and never seems to go without, so one day I asked her “Why don’t you keep that extra $20.00 a month that you just began receiving from Social Security? Couldn’t you use the extra money at the end of the month?” She replied “Every month, without fail, I always have enough for my bills, and a little extra, I’m not sure how, but it happens.” This was intriguing to me as she was not sure how, or why she was always abundant with money considering she made very little with Social Security. What I came to realize was that her intention to give to others was from a selfless place, so there were no expectations of receiving anything in return, and as a result, she received repayment ten-fold of the same vibrational frequency at which she put out. This was Karma at work. She believed she would always have enough for herself; therefore, she did. This is the LOA at work.

Our deeds, good or bad, are not repaid with the same deeds, they are simply matched by the same intention, vibration, from which you performed the action.


I knew of a couple who owned and ran a fitness company, where they trained individuals in physical fitness. This couple believed they were being rewarded from the Universe for all the work they did with people because they were financially well off. Unfortunately, this couple was partially financially well off because they routinely overcharged their clients, and cheated them with hidden fees. As a result, this couple struggled with a variety of interpersonal issues, as well as spiritual disconnect, but they weren’t able to see that, all they saw was that their work of getting people in physical shape was being rewarded because they didn’t struggle financially. We can manifest all the material wealth we want, and being financially wealthy is not a bad thing, but if we are not using this wealth for positive means, or we are attaining financial wealth by dishonest means, that is the energy that you create from a karmic stance, and that is the energy the Universe receives and pays back to you.


If you are looking to create more good Karma, then be sure to do things from a selfless place, and if you are looking to manifest more financial wealth, better health, or more abundance of any kind, set your intention, and believe that you are worthy to receive it. If it is in your Highest Good, then you will.


May you experience all the positive Karma you deserve and desire, and may the Law of Attraction work in your favor with each intention, and action you take.


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