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“Everything will change when your desire to move on exceeds your desire to hold on”

Alan H. Cohen


One type of reading I do with people is identifying past lives that are currently affecting this lifetime, and then assisting them in releasing those lives in order to make room for the experiences they need in order to move forward on their current journey. I make it a point to address the difference between past life regression versus past life identification, in that, my belief is that we do not need to experience the trauma again in order to release it, but simply identify it so it can bring understanding to confusing parts of one’s life. Because we have no conscious memory of our past lives, we don’t always know what is standing in the way of us moving into our future with confidence and grace. Identifying past lives is a great way to begin the process of letting go of what no longer serves your soul. It is a long process of unraveling your past to get to your present, but it is a necessary part of the process, otherwise, you will continue to experience the same challenging situations and find yourself stuck in a rut of displeasure and frustration. You were not placed here to be tormented, you were placed here to evolve and acquire wisdom and knowledge for your next human experience.


The process has been shown to me like this:


We originate from God, in pure form and as we navigate human lifetimes, we acquire wounds that are in need of healing. The objective is to return to pure form, and once that happens, you no longer recycle back in to experience another human experience, unless you and your Creator agree that it is in the highest good of all to do so. Prior to agreeing to enter another human experience, we meet with a host of Light Beings. Beginning with God, the others include Light Beings with whom we have traveled previously; those who have assisted us in prior lifetimes (Angels, Guides, Ascended Masters, etc.), to those souls to whom we have been related previously (i.e our ancestors).


During the contracting process, you are offered a list of all the areas of your soul that are in need of attention. The list can include (it is always shown to me in alphabetical order; however, this is not an actual list as it depends on the individual) Abandonment, Abuse, Addiction, Betrayal, Conceit, Corruption, Deceit, Disease, Enabling, Envy, …..Neglect, Oppression…..Self-loathing, Trust, Unworthiness….Weight….etc. Once you decide which areas you are willing to address for this next human experience, you are given options of who will assist you in the releasing of these such as parents, siblings, spouses, friends, enemies, etc. and God will assign a specific team to your soul to assist in the process, and this team changes over time depending on the level of growth that occurs, kind of like graduating from one grade to the next, there is new material, and always new teachers.


You may be asking yourself “Why would anyone deliberately choose to endure painful experiences?” Remember that when you are in pure soul form, you are fearless, and there are no human factors involved such as emotions, so you are only doing what is in your soul’s best interest, not trying to decide which path will be the easiest or the least painful, that is where your human self comes in. If I have endured betrayal in past lives, I will experience situations in this lifetime that will offer me the opportunity to experience betrayal again and to handle it either the same way as in the past, or differently, in order to release it from my future experiences, but the choice is mine.


I never know anything about the person I am working with when doing these releasements, so it is always interesting to me to see what past lives Spirit will show me and how those lives connect to the person’s current lifetime. Recently, I worked with a young woman and while describing a particular past lifetime to her and its wounds, she gasped in disbelief, and later explained that I had just described her father’s lifetime and the effects it had on her in this lifetime, which had been causing difficulties for her.


If you are noticing unpleasant patterns in your life, chances are you are carrying old wounds from past lives that are in need of releasing, and the more you carry the pattern, the more the healing needs to occur. Yes, the process can be painful emotionally, even physically, but the more you are aware of the wounds, the easier you can move past them in order to move forward into your future experiences and the less trauma you will carry into your next human experience.

Make the most of your current human experience because that is one sure way to get out of having to repeat some of these things next time Happy Journeying!


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