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Recently, I heard someone say that she begins her day with the thought of "what do I want this day to feel like" versus, "how do I want my day to look." As I close out this year, and prepare for the upcoming year, this really struck me. When I put feeling into it, rather than thought, it creates feelings of hope, of optimism, of limitlessness. I realize that I have never really had those feelings before about a new year. I don't really do new year resolutions, because if I did, I would be committing to making a ton of changes, and likely, falling short of most of them, if not all. So I tend to focus my energy on the present moment. I try to keep myself aware of where I can be of assistance to someone, of where I could lend a helping hand, or when I can be a shoulder to lean on, and these are more daily commitments versus yearly ones. I am in the middle of a major shift in my life, where things I had been working tirelessly to manifest have not come to fruition the way I had hoped or anticipated; however, as this new year approaches, I will be less focused on what I think it should look like, and more so on what I want it to feel like, and that is a much more inspiring feeling. May 2020 be a year filled with feelings of hope, joy, optimism, and love. Anne

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