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As we reach the end of another year, and embark onto the next one, this is the time of the year, when many people ask the age old question, “when will I be happy?”

As the years have gone on, and I have done what I can to assist people to achieve their own personal level of happiness, I will admit, I have become frustrated with the culture of our times convincing people that life is happening to them; therefore, their happiness is outside of them.

The other day, I was reading for a young woman and she had a number of questions regarding her relationship. Although it appeared that the person with whom she was desiring a relationship, was not interested in one with her, she continued to pose a variety of scenarios as to how things would play out with this person if she did this or that. When working with a psychic, it is important to understand that a psychic reading is a prediction of the most likely outcome of an event. It is not a guarantee that the prediction will come true, it only means that it is the most likely outcome, but if the person changes the course of their direction, then the most likely outcome changes. For instance, I can give you a prediction that there will be an opportunity for a new job, providing you put the work in to finding a new job, but if you never submit your resume for a job, then the opportunity will not come to fruition. So as in this particular case, with the relationship, this young woman really wanted to be involved with this person of interest, but when she heard from Spirit that a committed relationship with this person was extremely unlikely, she became upset, and wanted to see if that would change if she changed her direction in their involvement with each other.

After answering her questions, with quite a bit of “well,, if you do this, that will happen, but if you decide to do that, then this will happen….” She became angry and sarcastically said “So my finding love depends on what decisions I make…yeah, ok so everything I want depends on what decisions I make..” I replied “Correct, that is exactly how this works, if you want true love and commitment, then you can’t hold on to a man who doesn’t want that and has no plans of giving you that, otherwise, you will never get it.”

She explained to me that she simply wanted to be happy and that she would be if she had a relationship with this man. When I asked her what things she was doing, besides seeking a relationship, to bring in happiness, she had no answer. If you are feeling unhappy with your life, your job, your finances, your relationship/lack of relationship, then you need to make changes to bring about what you are seeking. We are the only ones who stop us from having what we want, and we do this through limited thinking, such as “I’m too old to change jobs/careers…….I have already been with this person for so long, I don’t want to start all over again……I want more money but unless I win the lottery, it isn’t going to happen…” these are all limited beliefs that keep people trapped in the cycle of unhappiness. Happiness does not come with a relationship, a promotion at work, nor does it come from winning the lottery. Happiness is an existence, and ability to find light in darkness, and to believe that you are deserving of what you seek. If you already practice bringing in, and cultivating joy, then a relationship can enhance this joy, but if your life is lacking contentment, satisfaction, and happiness, no person, other than you will bring it to you. Our culture tells us otherwise, in that we see adds on television that tell us that if we are thin, or rich, or married, we will be happy. This is a myth, and unfortunately, has perpetuated the myth that all that we see for fulfillment is outside of us. In this new year, try one new thing in the first three months of the year, something that you haven’t done, something that you have been putting off such as learning yoga, or taking a class, or training for a 5K. Then in the next three months, implement something else such as journaling, or spending more time in nature. If you do something new, that interests you, by the end of the year, you will have done a few things….1) made yourself as much a priority as you have made others….2) taken risks and gotten yourself out of your comfort zone…..3) had some enjoyment……and 4) begun the process of living life, not just existing. Commit yourself to your own happiness, because your happiness is up to you, and no one else.

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