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"You don't have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body."

C .S. Lewis

Life is a journey, and each one of us has our own path to walk. There are times in each person’s life that the path can become challenging due to obstacles that are in the way. These challenges can cause confusion, distractions, or even emotional/physical ailments. Obstacles can be in the form of false beliefs about yourself, addiction, relationship dysfunction, or unhealed wounds from your past. 

To walk your spiritual journey with ease, it will require you to develop tools and techniques to overcome the obstacles that are getting in the way. On occasion, you may not know what obstacles are present, or how to remove them. This is where Anne Magdalene can assist you. She will help you identify the challenges and ultimately, assist you in removing the obstacles, thus leading you to the life of which you have always dreamed.

Anne Magdalene offers the following services:

Theta Healing ®

Psychic and Mediumship readings

Spiritual Advisement and Consultation

Spiritual Life Coaching

Medical Intuitive Readings

Past Life Identification and Releasing

Aura and Energy Field Clearing

Channeling Healing Energy

Home and Office Clearing

Anne Magdalene provides these services remotely via email, telephone, Skype, or in person, depending on your location.

Now, allow your soul to guide you through the "Schedule a Session" page on this site, and decide which service(s) resonates with it because Anne Magdalene is here to help you reach your highest good.

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